5 Terrifying Behaviors Doesn’t his girlfriend

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Girlfriend, Being in love isn’t just about walking together. being together most of the time Or just let other people know that you’re a fan. But there are many other important factors of thought and mind that must be consistent. Go in the same direction as well. to become a quality love. But believe it or not, many couples Instead, he had to meet a lover with a bad habit. So that you have to constantly ask yourself if he really sees you as a girlfriend or not? So let’s take a look at 5 awesome features! That will let you know right away that he almost doesn’t see you as a girlfriend at all.

1. Like to insult, devalue

Being lovers should have a good conversation. If there are different opinions, they should accept each other. But if one party likes to insult, often use the word “stupid” on the other. Always ready to use bully words to reduce the value of the other person. Let you know that he doesn’t see you as a fan at all. but look only as someone who can support his mood only If you have to meet a lover like this, you should immediately leave. To prevent yourself from being devalued until the feeling of inferiority takes over. until eventually becoming his servant.

2. Forcing everything

As mentioned above To be lovers, one must be able to talk, consult, and respect each other. Not all compulsions Even making friends is compulsory. Including the daily life that you have to go back to see your father, mother and your own relatives. If these things are forced by a loved one not to do Both forced to be with him 24 hours a day, this relationship should be taken care of. Not to be far from being in love like a stalker that could lead to a danger to your life.

3. Never see your face
Characteristics of a lover who, wherever he goes, never sees your face Always behave badly at people around you or yell at you loudly. Always speak rudely to you. It also shows offence of you in front of all acquaintances. Even strangers will show signs of insulting you to the people around you to make you feel ashamed. It’s another trait of a lover that you should darn! Then run away, shouldn’t stay This may lead to you feeling worse and more dangerous.

4. Keep getting, not giving up

Different types of people who can only get and don’t want to lose. There are many things to see in the modern era. Not long after they got together, they threw all their burdens on others. Even though they’re just girlfriend, they don’t have the idea of ​​getting married or merging into the same person, but throwing the burden of car, housing, water-electricity bills, or even having a meal together still throws a burden on them. You pay unilaterally Considered to be the type of person who can’t afford to give up. This does not count! What is important is that regardless of gender If you love, then you should share your thoughts and expenses together. You shouldn’t let either side have to bear the burden of expenses alone.

5. Always put the blame on you

The type of lover who likes to blame everything on you. No matter how bad or bad he was But when any problem comes back, throw it all to you. It is recommended that you quickly quit and run away. Because this type of people will definitely create big problems for you in the future.

If you think that being in love is having a loving, understanding and caring lover. One more thing you should know is that you should stay away from your damn lover! All 5 types in order to not be at risk of danger. Emotional and thought damage Including your own life that may be depressed by this type of lover.