7 Things men misunderstand about women no matter

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The sentence that women and men seem to come from different stars. That may be a matter that many. People may argue in their minds because both girls and boys are considered human beings on Earth, but if in terms of ideas, perspectives, it may be true that makes us compare that both women. Men come from different planets because there are many occasions where men seem to misunderstand women like us. It’s in many things at once. Especially about the 7 things below, misunderstand about women. You should share this story for him to read immediately!!

1. Think ‘period’ is just an excuse that women use to flirt with men
     We want young people Imagine if you were suffering from swelling, bloating, abdominal pain, and acne for weeks. Plus, when the menstrual period comes, it’s all aches and pains. Who also has to change sanitary napkins every 2 hours? You’ll probably feel worse and more easily irritated. which what you men imagine Sometimes it’s not even half of what women actually go through. We’re not saying swinging is a good thing. If possible, we don’t want to fight with you guys. Because it’s not fun at all. But we just want to understand that the hormones during menstruation. It really affects our mood. We don’t want to use this as an excuse.

2. Think of housework as a single woman’s duty.
     Being a woman doesn’t mean we have to cook, do laundry every day, clean the house twice a day. Because many women are better at working to earn more money at home. And not having the ability to cook, or some youngsters can handle housework better than us. which we would be very pleased if men would help take care of the house Because it’s the home of the two of us.

3. Think of women as very fragile creatures.
     We appreciate if men respect us. But I don’t think that we are tile dolls that touch a little and break a little bit. can’t do anything by myself because if we are not really strong Nature probably won’t let women take the responsibility of giving birth, but okay, it’s not that we have less energy than men. So sometimes if we ask you to help open a bottle of water. Give us some jam jar lids. please help us It really can’t open.

4. Think women smile and talk to them. Show that the posture is
     called courteous, polite, human relations, etc. That would be more direct, but not hearty, boys. If you want to know if a woman is interested in you or not. Ask first to be sure.

5. I think women like to tease. Because I think that’s a compliment.
     ‘Your hair is so beautiful’ This is a compliment, but ‘Chef Ba is real sister’ is not. Not even close to a compliment. It makes us more embarrassed. If any young man has this habit, just quit. It doesn’t make you look more charming. And it doesn’t make us like you more. 

6. He think women are overacting too. When a man touches his body in a tight space,
     in fact, we can tell what kind of contact is an accident. and what kind is intentional If we haven’t hit you often. It’s a little strange that you come in contact with us so often. Harassment is a very dangerous thing for women. We have to protect ourselves as usual.

7. Think we put on makeup “For men”
     the truth is Most of the time, we dress to look good and show women together. I’m sorry, young man. Did you notice that many Once a woman like us talks about a new lipstick. or the Nana clothes that we went to shop last night We only talk because it’s beautiful and likes us. It doesn’t mean that we do it for you.