Having sex once a week can help delay aging in women

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Having sex in addition to giving pleasure to sexual taste with your own partner. It also helps to slow down the age for women as well. A recent study found that having sex or having sex at least once a week slows down a woman’s aging.

By a team of researchers from the University of California, the United States. Blood samples were taken from 129 women who had already been partners and mothers. Let’s measure the length of Telomere and inquire about the sexual relationship you have with your partner.

Telomere is DNA at the far end of a chromosome. The telomerase length measurement indicates the age of the cells within the body. Is there a variation with our real age? It was found that women who had sex at least once during the one-week follow-up had longer telomeres than women who did not have sex with their partner.

The length of the telomeres Not only shrinking with increasing age. But it also depends on the lifestyle of each person. Because if not taking good care of your health, it can affect telomere shortening and deteriorate the body as well But if the telomere is still long. This means that our state or physical condition is still in good shape.

Dr. Thomas Cabesa De Baga, the lead researcher who studies in this matter, states that sex between women and men is It is linked to a reduced level of stress response. Including helping to increase the immune response in the body Which of these things also affects the length of telomere in women. But still not found any clear effect in men at all.