How often should we have sex?

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How often should sex be? One of the most popular questions for relationships is too little or not? A question that many people give a lot of skepticism. Whether the relationship that is linked to the frequency of it is normal or not This question has a simple answer that it depends on.

1. It depends on what kind of person you are

The relationship of the couple can be changed over time. The normal word is to start observing our own partner. How often do we usually have sex? If it increases or decreases, do we know the reason? If not known, it could mean that the malfunction occurred for a number of reasons. This is a story that the two of them should discuss without comparing them to anyone. Each person has a different relationship style.

2. It depends things are changing 

Changes in relationship patterns also affect the frequency of sex, such as agreeing to be a couple to stay together. Agreeing to become a parent ready for having a child It is reported that The couple who became the parent It affects the frequency of having sex as well. It may be more or less depending on the stress. And in women there are matters of pregnancy and childbirth as well. Other studies have indicated that When the relationship status changes such as marriage and parenting Another thing that can reduce the frequency of having sex is Original intimacy and relationships that may become boring This is another matter that the two have to discuss as well.

3. It depends on the satisfaction 

Quality is more important than quantity, so is sex, studies have shown. Great sex (Ignore in the base that I understand, do not ask for more explanation) that makes me feel better than having sex often. If you have less sex Try to focus back on the quality and satisfaction each time you and your partner. 

As I said, sex depends on the individual. A survey in the United States found that most of them have sex once or twice a week. That is the number they feel happy with.

Yet another interesting study, the frequency of it also depends on the age range. 

  • Under the age of 30, an average of 112 sex times a year (more than two times a week) is likely.
  • Age between 30-39 years, 86 times a year average.
  • Age between 40-49 years, average 69 times per year.
  • Over 50 years old, an average of 52 times a year        

In addition, studies have shown that less sex between us and our partner may have the following factors:

  • Stress  As you are known, stress can affect the body. Whether it is a headache, an upset stomach, an emotional state. All can result in us or the couple to lose the mood at all.
  • Insecurity of shape It indicates that those who are not confident in their own shape. Lack of confidence in sex or being embarrassed to be naked in front of your partner.
  • Health problems People with health problems such as rheumatism. The vagina does not have water. Often do not want to have it due to pain
  • Electronic device It is something that many people would have expected. Mobile electronic devices Television can make people have less sex. This is because it gets more attention or is a more interesting activity than it. (Really sad)         

From the foregoing, it should be seen that we should not pay attention to how many times we have sex, but rather look at our understanding and what happens. 

However, this question will not end. Finally, there are still people wondering if So how many times should there be the best? An interesting study reveals that Couples who have sex more than once a week in relationships are relatively stable, neither increasing nor decreasing. Compared to couples who have sex less than once a week will feel that the feeling is less. If we refer to this study More than once a week, it would be a good enough number to answer. 

However, we can see the big picture that sex or sex can be discussed. Although not everything in life But it’s a part of life as well.