How to manage, when your stupidity starts to come

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How to manage your thoughts. When your stupidity starts to come. If you’re the type of lover who is the type of idiot who loses everything and everything that happens to your boyfriend. that may cause frequent quarrels You yourself feel bad for your own stupidity that often happens. so that this love may easily fall So let’s take a look at how to manage your thoughts. When your stupidity starts to come,

1. to suppress emotions

The first thing is that you need to manage your emotions first. By suppressing frustration, stupidity and anger Try exercising regularly, going to bed early, waking up early, and eating nutritious food. including using free time to meditate Set only the breath in and out. and focus only on the breath This will make you more mindful of your life. when faced with any problems That makes you feel irritated, stupid, let you take a deep breath. Close your eyes and stand still for a moment, everything will be fine. Your mindfulness will begin to return and it will give you new, more positive thoughts.

2. Open your mind wider

When I started practicing suppressing my emotions. You should start training yourself to be more open-minded than ever. Being a lover doesn’t necessarily have to keep following your girlfriend. But should give some distance from each other At least give some time left to miss each other. It’s good to be longing for some. Go live a life that makes you more open to the world. Take a hobby or try to focus on other things. Believe that the stupidity in you will be less.

3. Give yourself freedom 

When they are lovers are always next to each other So it’s easy to quarrel. Especially if someone is an idiot and thinks a lot. It would have been easier to quarrel. So try to free yourself by hanging out with friends, hanging out with family, living with pets and plants. or doing activities that make you feel independent Including walking and shopping and making a decision to buy things alone. Eating alone or with friends will definitely help you cut down on your stupidity and feel more understanding.

4. See it as a measure of the mind

If you do all the first 3 things that have been suggested. You come back and consider how to live as a lover. They don’t have to be held close together all the time. It’s also one of the ways to measure whether your boyfriend really loves you or not. And it allows you to see the true nature of your boyfriend as well. which learning and seeing each other’s true habits quickly It will help you to know immediately if you have chosen the right person or not. which if not really good You’ll be able to change yourself from falling in love much faster too.

If you think you are an idiot and are very distracted by love. It causes a bad mood and makes you feel stressed easily. We recommend using these four methods to manage your thoughts. Reduce your stupidity and become a good lover. Ready to understand their fans more as well.