How to solve the “Plural Marriage”problem?

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The problem with plural marriage in love is not just adultery or having a third person, because in some situations of love it may be the moment when both are deciding to end their love But the other party first meets someone who feels good Therefore immediately became a plural marriage. But regardless of whether it happened for any reason You should admit your mistakes and use four solutions:

1. Only one exit can be selected

Don’t let the plural marriage relationship go wild until you can choose which way to go. It is important that you decide as quickly as possible. Do not prolong the event at all. Because it will only make this mistake more severe Until it may turn out to be that you are selfish and will have to waste both ways and will add to the problems of those around you. Which could become a big deal.

2. Choose the person who loves you the most

If you don’t know how to choose Let you choose the person you love the most. Fight together problems and he loves you. Make a good look at who’s ready to go next with you. To make your love go happier and go on. Without making you feel mistaken for this choice as well

3. Accept it honestly

The most important aspect of having plural marriage is to honestly accept the problems that arise. What you should do is apologize and admit honestly to your first world. With clear discussion and agreement If you still love him and you’re at fault. It is recommended that you end your relationship with plural marriage and prove to yourself that this will not happen again. Ready to correct any mistakes in all matters

4. Solve the problem to the end

When you have directly accepted and apologized Including choosing one world that you will stay with From now on, you should solve the problems of Polygamous Marriage as quickly as possible. It is important to emphasize that the problem must be solved, whether it be a conversation, an agreement, an apology, or the need to clear any problems that are common to the other world. In order to make you able to return to life with the greatest ease

If you are faced with the problem of having plural marriage, the best thing you should do is to admit your mistakes. If any offense can be made for the other party, it should be done. But it should be within the correct limits. You have to understand the feelings of both parties and finish the problem as quickly as possible. You should never run away or be not responsible for what happened. Because it may only aggravate the problem and become a grudge against each other Until the other party may have to feel almost impossible to live a normal life, and you may also have to suffer from this grudge. But it is better if you meet a better person in a bad relationship. You should end the first relationship first and then continue the second one so it is considered the best solution. And it is the right relationship as well