How to take care of yourself after sex

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One of the most important things that couples should be aware of when having sex is post-love activities. Because it will help the body to adjust and make sex more beneficial and healthier, so let’s look at 4 techniques to take care of yourself after having fun in bed. For good health and relaxation as follows

1. Take a 5-10 minute break

After having sex. You should rest for 5-10 minutes before getting up to continue doing various activities because after the completion of the activity, the body will still be tired. Having sex is the same as general exercise. Therefore, after exercising. It is necessary to rest for 5-10 minutes and then begin doing other activities, which is the same as having sex when it is done, should rest first as well.   

2. Clean the body

When resting the body over time Should get up to clean the body is the next issue. Because after having sex As for the younger sisters and brothers who have been fighting for several minutes, they will have various stains on them, so they should be cleaned up quickly. The key is to wipe it dry every time to prevent damp. Especially women whose sisters are easily confused. Therefore, should be clean and blot dry as soon as possible to prevent mold problems in the fabric.

3. Drink clean water

After sex is finish, drink a glass of clean water with a sip of water to replace the sweat and minerals that the body has lost. While reducing body heat Because while having sex the body is awake and has twice as much energy as it burns. Thus causing the internal body temperature to rise as well In addition, water helps to refresh the body, the brain is awake, and expel waste more quickly through urine.

4. Wear a light and comfortable underwear

If you want your sister and brother to be light, comfortable, not damp, not stuffy and not at risk of mold problems. The underwear should be worn lightly after cleaning has been completed. Good ventilation Does not cause moisture and odors It also helps prevent bacteria and other pathogens to grow easily as well.

When completing all the activities mentioned above The last thing you should do is to get a good night’s sleep. Which after sex is the same as exercise Therefore, when the body gets use and burns a lot, it needs to rest to help restore the body’s systems.It is believe that after sex, you will fall asleep more comfortably and fall asleep more easily.