The sex story Is it boring for you?

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Do not want the sex story to be stumbled until the end of fun. Young men should keep observing their own women that Is she tired of having sex with you? Because that might mean Your relationship with her has begun to have problems. And may escalate to the point of breaking up

Dr. Brandy Ingler, the sex story therapy specialist And the owner of the book The Men on My Couch recommends it to young men Look for these warning signs that your woman falls into these 5 areas. If so, it means there is a problem in bed between you and her. Because she felt boring and not provocative any more.

1. She goes to bed at different times with you

The fact that she tries not to go to bed at the same time as you This means that she has the intention of avoiding sex as well. This may be because you are not satisfied that you are late for a period of time until you lose your emotions If you don’t want it to be like this Should adjust their own behavior And show that you still want her by starting to approach her first.

2. She doesn’t want to change posture during sex

During sex together She is not in the mood. And shows an attitude that does not want to change any position or position Something she does just to finish the mission in bed, regardless of whether both sides reach their destination at the same time. Which you may need to use aids such as adult toys Help create a more pleasant atmosphere

3. She rejects “oral sex” as you would like

Her refusal to give oral sex the way you want. This is a pretty obvious warning sign that she is not happy doing anything for you. And feel what you want her to do Just to meet their own needs Rather than giving you true happiness

4. She asks “Are you done?” Even though you haven’t reached your destination yet

Whenever you say “Are you finished?” That means She urges you to complete the mission. Because they feel that sex with you is taking too long.Most men think women want at least 30 minutes of sex, but in fact, they tend to reach their destination and finish it in just 10 minutes.

5.She doesn’t want to take off all her clothes during sex

Sometimes even wearing clothes while having sex with it. Can happen in urgent situations But she doesn’t want to take off her clothes when she’s in bed with you. It might be because she thinks all you want is sex as well. It’s important to show that you want to see her beautiful body so that she can cooperate with you.