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Love, Matters of the heart If you think that it is difficult to understand, it is difficult. But if you think that it is easy It is enough to have a point of observation to have doubts. Especially the behavior that cares more “special” than others, this is what makes the suspicious person so distracted that he or she can not sleep. Anyone who is confuse or wondering if he or she has a heart for it? Come and read this. If two people are like-mind, think the same, so they can start a relationship.

Finding opportunities is often
the first sign that we will be able to catch the trophy. Because it is natural that when falling in love with someone and always thinking of him. Want to see face If it is inconvenient to meet, still try to find a way to get information from that side. I can only hear the sound. (What can you do? If people miss it.) Even more if when we meet He or she tries to participate in every moment with us, such as asking us to have a meal together. Let’s go for a walk together There is always something in hand. Because he or she wants to be with you for this long time, if you are not in doubt, let me know.

Make it clear that I am trying to.
He or she was ticking off that much. Therefore, it is not difficult to catch symptoms such as when he or she is talking to us. But avoid eye contact Stammering, slight trembling (trying to control the symptoms), frantic, flushed face, red ears, clenched mouths, breathlessly. It’s clear that he or she is hiding his embarrassment. But if he or she is a hard spirit who can keep a smooth shield I need to observe other symptoms as well, because if he or she secretly likes us. It must have body language. Or many reactions that are more or less expressed. Now you know or don’t know. It’s in your sense.

Try to be close
Each person’s approach to his secret crush is not the same, some people are straight off the crash, some are absent, others rarely show any special symptoms. Do everything normally like a friend But if the other party is unaware, when The instinct leads us to move closer, when we turn around, we are shocked, eh! Since when was this close? Or try to see if we are afraid of this intimacy or not. But it must be carefully considered whether he or she has a dividing line in this approach. Is close but not touched Otherwise, it’s a psychopath. Or sexually threatened.

Perceive through eyes
The eyes are the windows of the heart. No matter how hard he or she is There must be a moment when you can’t control yourself. It can be a very short time, it is whether we will notice the look in his or her shaken eyes. When we need something, we will know immediately as if we were waiting. Which if we happen to see Will find that he or she quickly dodges and hits smooth. If those eyes have a sound We hear the sound of our eyes singing the song “Looking at you?” Or “Can you see the shadow in my eyes? Did you see you in there? ”If you could hear the song from his or her eyes, you would be sure.

There are words that signal
A dozen of the top signaling words of a secret crush is “good night” because at least he or she will feel like the one sending us to bed. But maybe that’s just etiquette. Therefore, you need to catch other signs as well, for example, just thinking, just wanting to meet, diligent, complimenting, diligent, making us comfortable when being with him or her, diligent, teased, stirring us (And then reconcile) Words, words, intonation, as seen from Mars, we know that we are not ordinary people. I trust that I will tell you all this. And it is always implied that we are the only one for him or her in all matters. Clear!

If you read this long, get here without skipping a letter. Shows that you are suspicious of those behaviors as well If there are all here You can take risks to ask. Now, it is up to you how to deal with your feelings. If your hearts match, continue But if he or she isn’t, then reject him. Because we just want you to understand That if the signal is this strong He or she definitely has a heart for you (sounding hard).