What kind of things do women want more from men?

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It is believed that many couples have been asked among friends. About fear and considerations towards people who love each other for sure. Especially on the male side, they are often teased as ” afraid of their wives “, but do you know that fear or fear What kind of things do women want more from men?


often arises from the fact that the man may have done something wrong and the woman has caught it. Causing you to feel afraid that you will be caught again and then give up everything But if asked, is it possible to stop the behavior that was previously wrong? In most men’s answers it is probably not. As for the word “fear”, if you consider it carefully, it is more “submission”. Therefore allowing them to do everything in order to get through the fight as quickly as possible For a man with this type, it is considered submissive because of love. But cannot stop the same behavior That was caught of my own, of course.

As for being considerate

No matter what action you are doing, you will consider each other. Until it does not cause any problems later, which this considerations also comes from love. But it is love that is more understanding than fear or tolerance. Because it takes into account the possible consequences in the future Not just doing it and then making excuses or giving in to everything Most importantly, it is considerate to both women and men. Considered to honor each other as well.

Believe that not all women are happy to be seen as lovers must fear themselves for sure. Because what a woman needs is honest love. Can be trusted A man in love is conscious of what to do. Whenever you make a mistake, always think and think about your relationship with each other. This means that women prefer a more considerate relationship. Because if being afraid is just a willingness So that all matters end But not change Inevitably causing more and more suffering in the eyes

Even if the people around you praise your man “scared of his wife” that it may make you feel a little bit proud. But I can believe that one of the hearts of women like us Must feel bad about this word as well. Because the communication of love between fear and considerate is quite different. So, both women and men think carefully. And lead a love life in a suitable way So that you can continue this relationship as long as you can with the most confidence and happiness.