What kind of woman? that men will love

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In the news ever doubt me. What kind of women do men like? Or what kind of woman that boys dream of? Some people say that men like women with their appearance. For example, if you have a lot of breasts, it will attract guys. Some say that not all men will like that. Because in the end, we have to look at each other’s quirks. Many people have already said that in reality, what kind of woman will they take seriously? Today, let’s take a look at their thoughts through the results of both Thai and international surveys.

by the first survey that we bring The Singles in America survey of single men in the United States found that

Reveal the specs of the boys … What kind of woman? that men will love

  • 87% would date a smarter, more educated woman.
  • 87% had no problem dating higher-paid women.
  • 86% would date a confident, self-assured woman.
  • 44% look for a woman who is more committed to her career than her love.

While the results of our home survey from FHM magazine have also yielded consistent and interesting results. A survey of young men aged 15-40 under the topic ‘What kind of woman do men want to be a mother to their children’ found that 44% would like to have a relationship with a woman who is sexy, provocative, with big breasts, yes. but if you want to think seriously Instead, they thought…

  • 30% like girls who are cheerful, bright, laughing all day
  • 23% like women who can do housework and can cook
  • 21% like working women, smart, smart

When asked what kind of woman is young Only 3% of respondents said that women were not good looking, while 71% said they were unanimous. ‘Many flirtatious women’ are the women they hate the most and do not want

Read here girls Many people may think This is clearly me, but why am I still single! It may be possible that the girls. That’s too much work. According to the survey, 59% of men would consider seeking the mother of their child from the workplace. So if any young woman is single, try to make eye contact with the boys. At work, or build relationships with people who contact each other, do not keep your head down in the pile of work. Because your child’s father may be waiting for you!