When “eye contact” can tell you the feeling in your heart

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Eye Contact It doesn’t just show the other person that they are listening to what the other person is saying. But looking at each other’s eyes can also tell the inside of how the other person feels about us.

Intent to look intently

If it feels like someone is staring at you intently. But when you turn your gaze, the other person turns your gaze away. It means that the person is interested in you. But rather being a shy person, he doesn’t dare to express that feeling directly and feel uncomfortable with his own feelings.

Stare without drooping

If you just started a relationship That means the other person is deeply interested in you. Which makes eye contact without moving the eyes. Even if you look back at him again Show that you can get his attention.

Looking back

If the other party takes their eyes off for just a second. Then turn around to look at you twice Show that your appearance can attract attention. Thus allowing him to look again and again Which in addition to the appearance is interesting It is also a person who looks confident in himself.

Make eye contact with the other person without taking your eyes off

If you are seriously interested in anyone. What they will show is to look into each other’s eyes without taking their eyes off. With a smile that expresses the heart that wants to impress the other person. And watching each other intently It’s like imply that you know you want to improve your relationship more than you are.

Intentional not making eye contact as well

If so That means that the other person is not interested in you as a special person. If he avoids looking at you directly, he tries to make it clear that he doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship.

Making eye contact with each other unintentionally

In such case It may mean that he doesn’t mean to make eye contact with you. But by chance that things are looking or paying attention Matches exactly where you are. And it is likely that he is so important that he did not even notice that you were looking at him.