When you know yourself after getting married

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When you’re married, but you’ve just become self-aware of so many things that your marriage may be ruin, ask you to think carefully and solve the problem. Don’t rush into the decisions that might lead to you. Both your life and the life of your lover must be destroy. So let’s take a look at 4 ways to manage your thoughts. When you come back to know yourself in some things after marriage:

1. look at the actual situation

Start by looking at your actual situation. Whether you’re newly married or have been married for a while. If your partner is always a good husband or wife. Never had any problems, but it turn out to be yourself. Who just found out that you still want to live independently or fall in love with another person who feels more likeable. Let you make analytical decisions based on the actual situation. If during that time you are happy and your partner is a good person. You should be discouraged from these matters. especially when it comes to meeting someone who is more likeable. But if it’s a feeling that you still want to travel To combine both the story of love and traveling or living independently together. Believe that you will definitely find a good solution.

2. If it is good, then you should give up,

As mentioned in the first paragraph. If your partner and current love are still good Then someone likes it. You should make up your mind to choose the best way. That’s the path you’ve chosen. Because choosing the first person you love and he is good to you, loves you always, never creates any problems, will surely make your life happy and sustainable. But the love that came only for a moment A flashy romance that may come only for a short time, if you indulge in it, can ruin your family life.

3. Talk to your loved one directly

If the situation is not as good as expected Whether it’s about knowing yourself after getting married that you want to go back to travel independently Living with friends or even meeting more like-minded people. It becomes a problem that prevents both you and your partner from being together. You should talk directly. Then try to analyze the problem and find a solution. So that you can still live your normal life again. But if you really can’t do it, you shouldn’t force it, but you should agree and part ways or find the best solution for this matter. So that both of you don’t get hurt too much and don’t waste your life.

4. Choose the best

Take all the methods mentioned above, filter it out and let you choose the best one. Both for yourself, your loved ones, and your family. Especially if it’s a married family and has children. It is imperative to find a solution and choose the best one. If you can go together, you can only support your family with love. You should not choose anyone other than your family. But if you really can’t feel it, agree on the matter of custody of the child together. Ready to find a solution that makes the children not feel worried or have any problems.

If you want to solve problems and manage your own thoughts When there is a problem after marriage, but just come to know yourself You shouldn’t just choose yourself. But you also need to look at your loved ones. Especially if they are married and have children together. The more you have to miss your child. Either way you decide. Therefore, both lovers and children should be primarily looked at. to come up with the best solution Do not cause any party to be hurt and damaged. until becoming a big problem that can escalate in the future