5 Coolest stories Calling the heat for hot sex

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The sex of young people nowadays must focus on the charm In order to fascinate the other person as much as possible So if you want the guy next to you to enjoy sex and become addicted to it. Let’s adjust and raise the bar! More in the following way

1. Coax
There’s no need to wait for him to coax. But change it to yourself who can push the opponent instead. The female partner’s hugging and foreplay increases the level of arousal and male satisfaction. Let him know exactly how much work you are and be ready to enter the battle immediately. Once the device is on, you can go on. It also brought him to heaven in an impressive way!

2. Sexy dress
Dress before making love should change to a sexy dress. Really crush your mind. But if you want excitement, switch to a dress that is just a little giddy at the R rating. So that lovers can try to remove one piece at a time to stimulate the emotional excitement, and when everything is gradually Was opened and saw your flashy underwear. It will even help increase the love mood even more than ever.

3. Moaning
The provocative moaning should be natural. Do not be very loud But enough to make the lover feel more excited In addition, during the moaning period, speech should be made to be a little playful or to encourage your partner to have fun, such as saying how good you are, doing this, great or the most fun, etc. Instead, just say a sentence. Short Only in the ear! 

4. Clean and smell good
Another important point that men give their opinion is that when they make love to each other they want it clean, the scent of their sister should be natural and not very pungent. And does not make you worry about cleanliness Both women and men should be kept clean at all times. For women, it should keep the smell of their sister good. But yes, that would wash and put on perfume Because it may harass the good bacteria It is sufficient to clean it so that it does not have an unpleasant odor. Before having sex, avoid strong smelling foods, as this can lead to a strong smell in your sister as well. 

5. Toy
While having sex, try adding a few more toys, such as chains, handcuffs, and sex toys for a more exotic and exciting mood. Ready to make the climax of both parties go well as well

If you want to make matters in bed delicious! Until he binds the hearts of lovers. Try these methods with constant tweaking. Believe that your lover must be impressed and will definitely not go anywhere!