5 Techniques to increase your arousal while having sex

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For couples looking for a way to make things more fun in bed, here are 5 tips to increase the excitement while having sex that will help both of them reach their dreams together. It makes you feel happy every time you have sex. They also tie together to have a longer relationship.

1. Know the strategic point and take care of it!

Let you observe the strategic points of the other party carefully. When you find it, hurry and deal with it immediately! When having sex Where is the most extreme love emotion? If this is aroused, your lover may become a different person, for example, from being a passive person, when a critical strategic point is attacked, it may become a bad tiger in bed! etc.

2. Have sex in the bathroom

Having sex inside the bathroom or the pool. This is another extremely exciting one as well, as water is the medium that gets the two of you to get along the best and the most ufabet extreme, where sex in a shower with hot water flows over your body. Steadily, thus helping to stimulate the emotions of love that is more than doubled.

3.Increase the level of strength

When getting into the thread Should increase the level of strength more. However, should the other person’s voice be heard if she is hurt? If it doesn’t hurt, it can be worn completely. To stimulate the love emotions of both parties to the highest as possible

4. Foreplay and sex

Comfort with having sex on the chest, whether or sisters of women as well as men, women comfort themselves while having sex is. It will be another important aid that will make it easier to reach the dream side of both parties.

5. Turn on the lights

If you want sex to be extremely stimulating, do not turn off the lights, but keep the lights on so that the facial expressions, eyes, and emotions are clearly visible while in the middle of it. As well as seeing the shape of each other that will help make your mood surging and bring you to orgasm together more easily as well.

If you want your sex to be stimulating Both the beginning and the time of sex You can use all five of these methods as a complement to your in bed. In order to make both of you happy and at the same time It also helps the relationship between you both go well as well.