Don’t worry ! A variety of embarrassed things in bed

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In the fierce moment between you and him, a sudden fart sound suddenly comes out. Sometimes there is a sudden pain in urination. Oh so embarrassed. But things like this can be handled. We have answers to tell each other.

Fart sound during make love

During sex The wind in the vagina is compressed by in and out activities in that area, and when there is a change in the posture that requires pulling the youngster outside. The compression is then pushed out until it becomes a fart-like sound. Even though it doesn’t smell But it was a huge sound that destroyed the mood at that time ufabet thai.

Like to cry loudly during sex

How loud it is to call it too loud. There is no fixed answer. It depends on where you are, who you are with, and whether you care or not what other people think. Shouting ‘Strong, baby, even stronger’ when your parents are in the next room can be considered. ‘Loud’ a bit, but even though the world is loud If you are at your own home (No neighbors next to each other), it should be considered okay.

Best coping method: It’s not a bad idea to make noise during sex. It shows that you are comfortable with your partner. And it may make you have better sex as well. However, couples who have recently dated for a while. It can be shocked if you utter your words vigorously, if you don’t want to be seen strangely in the morning, try lowering your voice and be careful with your words.

My pee pain but I’m having sex!

This is not a deadline or unusual matter. But it is a very common problem for women.

Best coping method: Eliminate the fear of urinating easily. By going to pee before having sex If you are very worried Should practice vaginal thrips to increase the strength of the muscles as well.