8 tips for teaching women to increase the flavor of sex

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the flavor of sex for a lover Secretly whispering how to bind the husband’s heart to go where it won’t survive. I want to be with you all the time Not going out to little or no where It is not at all. It’s all about you Which sex is considered as another important matter that is indispensable And there is a great need for family life Because if you let the couple be lonely, sleep in the bolster Marriage can also be boring. therefore asks to volunteer to recommend a small trick. For girls to use to create more exciting colors lover in bed Guarantee that the boys He’s awesome.

8 tips for teaching women to increase the flavor of sex for a lover

1. Scratch your back, show off your raw intuition. That is what the young man likes.

2. Grit the earlobe as a small technique. But the results were stagnant Any young man was caught in the earlobe. There must be some fatigue.

3. Play hide and seek by going under bed in the morning. Wait for him to wake up and pretend to grab his ankle as soon as he gets off the bed.

4. Whisper softly around the ear By speaking a little cheeky While being in a hurry Will help stimulate the mood of the male well

5. Use your lipstick mark on the toaster. So that he traces where you want

6. Meaningful Heart Write it on the mirror in the bathroom or bedroom.

7.Lying in ambush with seductive eyes It’s like you have a secret hidden under your blanket. Under the blanket, there is no need to suggest how you have to dress.

8.Mermaid The upper part only wears a tiny bra while the lower part uses a towel to make a tail. Just like this, you will look really sexy.